Behavioral Center

It has been said that an idle mind is a dangerous thing. People ask us every day “Why does my dog display this behavior?” “Have I done something?” The answer is usually NO. That is the problem. Every breed of dog that lives today has survived the ages for one reason. They performed some service for man. Hunting dogs hunt, herding dogs protected livestock, working dogs pulled carts and protect their masters etc. Because of this, these breeds were selectively bred to continue their jobs. What job does your dog have?

Additionally during the past 50 years man has stolen the social environment of dogs. Dogs can no longer interact with other dogs without intervention by owners. Leash laws and tall fences, and now even invisible fences prevent dogs from normal social contact with other canines. This cuts deep into the dogs need for social interaction. All dogs understand the world in relation to their natural pack instincts.

And you thought your dog had problems?

So what happens when we don’t give our companion animals a job or a social environment in which to live? An idle mind is a dangerous thing! Behavioral Problems rear their ugly head. Imagine for a moment that you had a child in your home, and from about 1 year of age, you never allowed that child to see or interact with other children. Then you never allowed the child to go to school. Perhaps you even worked full time and had to leave the child home alone for most of the day light hours. Do you think this would be a normal, well adjusted child that would easily fit into society? I think not. More than likely this child would become a ward of the state correctional institute.

So what is the answer? Professional Obedience Training. By Training your Dog in Obedience and practicing these exercises in your every day life, dogs feel useful and know they are contributing to the pack. Many times clients come to us with a list of behavioral problems that they can no longer tolerate. “This is our last resort or we will have to get rid of our pet”, they tell us. While training these “Problem dogs” we do not need to concentrate on the behavioral problems. From these behavioral problems, a majority of them will be resolved once the dog has a purpose in life. With most that are still experiencing problems; the owners now have obedience control over their dogs. They can stop or reduce the problem behavior with the tools they have gained through Professional Dog Obedience Training.

Professional Obedience Training will resolve many behavioral problems in most dogs. This option provides the most benefits to both dog and owner. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please visit our In-Kennel Training page for more information on Dog Obedience Training.

Now if you’re still only interested in changing or fixing one or two problems your dog is displaying, you’re still in luck. Our professional staff for Dog Obedience Training can assist you in resolving or greatly reducing nearly every behavioral problem you can throw at us. We do not shy away from the hard ones. We welcome the challenges of calming an aggressive dog or bringing relief to a companion animal that suffers from separation anxiety.

Below is a list of the most common behavioral problems that we help our clients manage:

Destructive behavior
Dog aggression
People aggression
Fear aggression
Dominance aggression
Car sickness
Chasing cars, etc.
Food possession
Toy possession
Nipping & biting
Running away
Won’t come
Submissive urination
Eating feces
Separation anxiety

Because of the nature of behavioral problems we feel that a personal consultation is necessary to make the proper diagnosis and prescribe a course of corrective behavior modification. Please contact us for detailed information on reducing or eliminating your dogs behavioral problems.